Silver Oriole found in back mountain of Qingcheng

A local birding friend of mine just found a pair of Silver Oriole on 6 Sep 2016, in Mt. Qingcheng, he managed to get photos of the female.


Latest information about Labahe NNR Sichuan China in 2016

Just came back from Labahe NNR a few days ago, and got some latest information about it. The Labahe NNR will be open for tourists 1st May 2016, half of the road inside the park is done, another half just half finished, very basic concrete road.

The boardwalk on altitude 2400m area is broken, it used to be the best birding place in the park, but now it’s kind of dangerous to walk on it. When we were there a few days ago we got 12 Giant Panda feces on the boardwalk, seems like long time ago the Giant Panda enjoyed walking and eating on it when the park was closed !

Manager of the park said they will rebuilt the boardwalk before 1st Oct 2016, the national day holiday.

The cable car not finish yet, they claim that will finish before 1st Oct, 2017. The first cable car station will be built on altitude 2700m area.

Due to the recent condition of Labahe NNR, boardwalk broken, cable car not finish yet, it is not good for birding in Sichuan this year.


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